Digital Marketing for Electricians

As a electrical service company, it's not always easy to keep up with online marketing in today's world, especially if your top priority is keeping customers happy. However, it's actually a customized online marketing strategy from Site Hospital that can draw more attention to your electrical repair and installation business.

Helping Your Business Stand Out for All the Right Reasons

Easily navigable websites, content that's properly optimized for search engines, and highly visible customer reviews or testimonials are among the many ways our marketing efforts could help your electricans secure more customers. We have convenient digital marketing packages that cover a variety of tasks that can be good for your online visibility and bottom line, including:

  • Conducting website audits
  • Providing website traffic insights
  • Putting together backlink outreach campaigns
  • Researching keywords and implementing a keyword strategy
  • Monitoring for negative reviews online (and taking steps to downplay them)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Electricians

Our base package involves a complete audit and optimization of the website.  Our primary goal for the initial package is to make sure you're ranking for local and relevant keywords to help drive Organic traffic to the website.  Once we're able to acquire a significant amount of local traffic, we'll begin general conversion optimization to turn that traffic into paying customers.  In addition to the Base Package we usually suggest a complete website rebuild if the client isn't currently using WordPress.  80% of company websites are built with WordPress for good reason, the platform allows complete customization and can be optimized for SEO and Pagespeed with minimal issues.

Depending on your business vertical you may want to add on additional services to help drive more traffic and increase customer acquisition.  We can help with Content Marketing, Paid Advertising, and we offer a Premium Conversion Optimization which will utilize several tools to make sure visitors convert into leads.

Local SEO Overview - Site Hospital


Goal-Driven Online Marketing Strategies for Electricians

Even if you have local competitors performing the exact same services doesn't mean you have the same goals with online marketing. This is why our team will take the time to determine what you want to achieve so your strategy can be based on a solid foundation. What's more, we can make adjustments as necessary if your needs or priorities change. Our main goal is to collaborate with you every step of the way with consistent communication and a personalized approach to marketing.

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Improve your website and learn more about your customers!

*package details explained below

Small Business

Maintenance package + Complete Website Optimization

*package details explained below


Ideal for eCommerce & Corporations with vision to reach mass audiences.

*package details explained below

Which Digital Marketing Plan is Right for Your Business?

Take a look at the chart below to see which marketing services are offered with each monthly marketing plan.

Site Hospital Monthly Marketing Plan Comparison

Site Hospital Online Marketing Services Explained

Below you will find a more detailed list explaining specific online marketing services offered in each monthly package.

Key Website Metrics

Website Analytics

Google Analytics tracks all the traffic that comes to your site, so if someone searches for you, clicks on an ad, or mentions you in a social post, you can know where visitors are coming from. We can also set up other types of tracking (phone, email, clicks, etc).

Keyword Research

Receive the top local keywords related to your business's industry and location. We will provide you with a list of keywords, with the highest search volume, to implement on your website.

Competitor Analysis

It's always helpful to see what your competitors are doing. Gain insights on rankings and backlinks of your competitors - Take advantage of this section in our audit to help leverage rankings in Google.

Strategy Development

Receive a full detailed analysis of your website, noting the current strengths and weaknesses, and any issues present. You will also receive actionable steps on how to help improve conversions, fix any minor issues, and start increasing website traffic right away!

Support Services

Let us help you troubleshoot the top issues on your website. Our team works with you to help make the most impactful changes to increase rankings.
Complete Website Optimization

We optimize on-site elements to make sure each page on your site is ranking the best for the correct services & locations offered. We also track your website's optimization with our integrated Site Audit Score. Get monthly updates on your site's progress.

Local Listing Builder

Improve your visibility in the Local Search Results with more listings on the top directories including: Yelp, Home Advisor, TripAdvisor, Angies List, Bing, Yahoo!, local directories, and more!

We monitor reviews across the top directories (Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc) to monitor new reviews and alert you when you receive a negative review. Learn from your customer's feedback!

Link Building

We actively search for high quality links for your website. The number of backlinks a website has is a good indicator of its popularity or importance. Backlinks have a significant influence in the search engines and help increase ranking positions.
Brand Building

Keep your business in the eyes of your customers by letting them know about new products or services, upcoming events, current promotions, and more. Setup a monthly newsletter today to help retain customers and gain referrals.

Social Media allows you to interact with your customers like never before. Increase your website traffic by publishing content on your Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc).

Ads are another great way to gain traffic and increase customer acquisition. Setup and Launch the most efficient & cost effective online advertising service (Google Adwords, Facebook, and Pinterest) for your business.

Also known as A/B Testing - Test, Track, and Analyze various elements across your site to make sure your website is making the biggest impact to visitors. Once your site has a strong foundation, this is an essential step to truly make your brand stand out!

Daily Search Results Update: Where is your business ranking?

If the sensor reads "higher than usual", we suggest checking your rankings immediately.  This isn't necessarily a bad thing. High or Very High only means that there are a lot of changes in the rankings. There may be a change in Google Algorithm, or a set of penalties put into force. The chanсe that your website will significantly move in the rankings are higher than usual on a day with a Very High score, but your positions could go up just as well as down. Therefore, it’s a good idea to check the score just in case.

A low score means that the rankings are unusually stable. Websites get updated every day and there are often small tweaks in the Google algorithm (some of which that are not done by humans), so rankings can change slightly every day. Therefore, a calm day can be slightly suspicious, but not dangerous. Commonly, we see this happen on big holidays.

*NOTE: This Sensor is specific to Business & Industrial (Electricians, Residential and Commercial Electrical Services, etc.) websites.

Increase Your ROI with Meaningful Metrics

If you have an electrical repair company that primarily serves one area, you don't need to see reports on what a similar company is doing to target customers in cities or towns you don't serve. This is one example of how we keep the focus on presenting meaningful metrics and stats when tracking results for our electrician clients. 

Regardless of how big or small your electrical services-related business happens to be, you're sure to appreciate our budget-pleasing digital marketing pricing packages. Contact Site Hospital today to learn more about our online marketing services for electricians.

Measuring ROI with Local SEO Services